Delivery in Germany is implemented by DHL or German Post within 2-5 working days after the day of the order. You can choose between two types of service:

Büchersendung – a special discounted book delivery service of the German Post, not insured, without an opportunity to track the package. Delivery can take up to 1,5 weeks.
For books up to 450 g and max. size 353x300x150 mm – 1,50 Euro
For books up to 920 g and max. size 353x300x150 mm – 2,00 Euro

Paket – insured, with a tracking number
For books up to 4500 g and max. size 1200x600x600 mm - 4,50 Euro

If you order books for more than 35,00 Euro we take over the costs of delivery. If you wish to have your books delivered to another EU country, please get in touch with us!

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