Andrej Dynko

The Generation Gap, or Belarusian Differences in Goals, Values and Strategy

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The Institute of Civic Space and Public Policy was established in June 2006 at Lazarski School of Commerce and Law. The Director of the Institute is Professor Andrzej Sulima Kaminski of Georgetown University.

The creation of a School of Foreign Service at the Lazarski the Institute is essentially a think tank, whose place, form, and practice is that of an interdisciplinary research center which influences public life, helping the development and conslidation of civic space. The research resuslts will influence the growht of citizenship consciousness and also facilitate the activities of societal and national organizations which are committed to the democratization of public life and economic transformation. The Institute seeks cooperation with similar centers in Europe and the United States. The Institute serves as a place for dialogue between young academics from the countries of the former Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc and scholars from the Anglo-Saxon countries and Western Europe. We expect that given the wide breadth of these interests, the Institute brings forth an animated intellectual life as well as a number of substantial new research projects.

The Institute's organization is based on the pattern of the Smithsonian Institute and Hoover Institute, at which small groups of permanent scholars do directed research on either semester or year-long stipends. The Institute's stipend holders (fellows) will share the results of their research with a circle of educators and students at the University. Some Institute fellows conduct specialised seminars, or colloquia, open to our students as well as young staff members from the Universtity. All Institute fellows take part in regular, weekly colloquia related to the direction of their research. Once a month, the Institute holds a discussion forum directed by fellows or invited guests which is devoted to a theme connected with the Institute's activities.

An independant center for Belarus research has been established at the Institute. The Institute is currently providing a meeting place for young Belarusian intellectuals studying in Poland and facilitating their contact with Polish and international students.

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Author Andrej Dynko
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Number of pages 208
Year of issue 2008
Language English
Country Belarus

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  • The Generation Gap, or Belarusian Differences in Goals, Values and Strategy